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New deadline artistic screening Royal Conservatory Brussels: 15th of August 2018

The next deadline for sending in the necessary documents for a first (artistic) screening for admission to a PhD in the Arts is the 15th of January 2018. This screening is organized by the Royal Conservatory Brussels and is only open for musicians.


Lecture Philip Auslander, “The Fame: Performance art and celebrity culture”

This lecture of Philip Auslander focuses on the coalescence of performance art and celebrity culture in terms of the participation of celebrities (such as film actors) in performance art, and, conversely, the way performance art has provided figures like Marina Abramovic a platform on which to build a celebrity identity, with the complicity of the museum as an institution in all of this.


Brussels Guitar Laboratory

Program book with all details on the concerts, workshops & masterclasses and the round table available now!


Prepositions in Artistic Research

On 14 and 15 December 2017 the Arts Platform Brussels and ARTO will organise the PhD symposium ‘Prepositions in Artistic Research’ on the topic of artistic research in the Arts.